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Lidl have put in for planning permission

Read it here

Revised plan

Basically, Lidl want to demolish the Rose and Crown (almost 300 years old) to build a car park of tarmac to service a supermarket.

The supermarket is bordering a large secondary school. The student entrance/exit of the school is a few metres from the entrance/exit of the car park of the planned the supermarket.

Object by email to with reference 12/15/01570

A revised plan at this late stage can be summed up as follows.

Amendments to Lidl’s application – June 2017

The main changes to the proposal are:

o The proposed store has been reduced in height by 0.84m, but the footprint has been increased in size, since staff welfare facilities are now at ground level.  In addition, the Lidl logo (previously incorporated within the building fabric) will now tower to a height of 8m. This internally illuminated sign will be 2.5m x 2.5m square.

o The store has again been moved further towards the pavement. The trolley bay has been relocated to the pavement side of the store.  Cycle ‘hoops’ have been moved here too.

o The access has been made more difficult, by diverting vehicles towards the right as they enter. This is due to the wider store footprint at this point.

o The north elevation (what Lidl refers to as the front elevation) has become more stark, devoid of windows, and typical of a modern warehouse, of insufficient quality for its setting. It is suitable for a retail or commercial / industrial park, not for a village setting.

o The car park has allegedly been reconfigured to enable more landscaping, but in reality it appears to only accommodate an extra three parking spaces.

o The north boundary treatment has been altered from a 1.8m acoustic fence to a ‘brick wall of unspecified height to match the existing’. There is no existing wall on the boundary, but there is a small section of wall perpendicular to (but not joining) the boundary.  We have been informed by the Planning Dept that the wall will be just over 1m high.

o The biodiversity plan as submitted by Plan A on behalf of Lidl is misleading, claiming that there will be greater biodiversity after the destruction of 28 trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order, hedgerows and other habitats for wildlife.  The claim is totally unfounded. The proposal includes the felling of a stand of 6 Hornbeams with a life expectancy of 300+ years and the magnificent weeping willow.
One of the trees on the boundary with the Bowls Club was originally to be retained, but this is now to be removed.  Mitigation is to keep two trees at the rear of the store, where there is no public access.