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Lidl have put in a new plan for planning permission

Read it here

Basically, Lidl want to demolish the Rose and Crown (almost 300 years old) to build a car park of tarmac to service a supermarket.

The supermarket is bordering a large secondary school. The student entrance/exit of the school is a few metres from the entrance/exit of the car park of the planned supermarket.

Object by email to with reference 12/18/00176 and FAO Ian Woodhead

A revised plan at this late stage can be summed up as follows.

Amendments to Lidl’s application – February 2018

The main changes to the proposal are:

      A 3m wide footpath along the frontage to Swarkestone Road to enhance pedestrian safety;

     The removal of two existing additional trees subject to TPO’s that are located on the Swarkestone Road frontage in order to enhance visibility splays and increase pedestrian visibility;

      A dedicated, safe pedestrian route through the car park from the north towards the store entrance;

      A dedicated, safe pedestrian route towards the store entrance from the south;

      A reduction in the scale of the proposed building;

      Revised elevational treatment to the building;

      Adjustments to the proposed package of improvements to the highway network; and Minor alterations to the proposals to account for the above revisions.