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We are campaigning to keep the Rose and Crown as a thriving Public House with more community involvement. For example we would like to consider a café, meeting rooms and activities to compliment the stretched facilities in the village. The Golden Hour Club is now not usable and the Community Centre is overstretched.

In December 2015, the Residents’ Association set up a not for profit organisation CASC (Community Asset Saving Company) to oversee the campaign.

We have  around 1500 signatures to our petition to Save the Rose and Crown.

We are disappointed that, during the ACV moratorium period, announcements were made that could potentially jeopardise our discussions with potential investors. Whilst we understand that planning applications can be submitted by anyone for any land / property, we believe that there is a concerted attempt to derail our bid for the Rose and Crown. Our fight is now to stop the planning permission being granted to build the Lidl supermarket.

We are not against Lidl building stores and certainly this is not a “NOT IN OUR BACKYARD” reaction. Siting a supermarket on the Infinity Park would actually be better for Lidl due to easier access by road and the captive market of the new estate. This would give the best of both worlds, the pub remains and Lidl build a store.

The centre of the village is the last place for a supermarket of this size. In fact you could probably stop referring to Chellaston as a village if this goes ahead.  

The coming of Lidl in such a central position will have a devastating effect on the existing small shops. 

They may create some new jobs, but how many would be lost by closing other places? To put a figure on it as they have is guesswork at best.

The proposed Aldi site on ‘Chellaston Fields’ should be enough to satisfy the people wanting a supermarket in Chellaston..

We agree that the Ralph Sherwin Centre is probably not fit for purpose, however other than being used for Catholic worship, we are unaware of the wider community making use of the centre. Perhaps a refurbishment and extending its use into the wider community would satisfy their needs and our aspirations.

The competition could be too much for the Co-op leaving us with a derelict building. 

The Council has upheld the Tree Preservation Order (No. 585)

It has since allowed most of the trees to be cut down if the plan goes ahead.